Welcome to Alindas is an intro-level SRD5.1 (the stripped down version of D&D 5e that wizards put out for tinkerers) compatible adventure that offers players a number of quests in the area of the port town of Alindas that can be pursued in any order. After completion of the module the party will be headed into the Elvish town of Aes in the feywild with a flexible mcguffin, the pendants of lune and scour.

This material was play-tested with a largely ranged party of 3-4 players. Assets created during playtest are available full-size on this site. Assets that have been polished and expanded on for general use (including the wolfbiter quest) will be made available through roll20 marketplace.

Experience is awarded for clearing challenges, merit and defeating monsters at DM’s discretion. Enemy placement, action and numbers can be adjusted for number/level of players and desired level of play.  Welcome to Alindas is designed to take players from levels 1 to 3 but should be viable at higher levels with some adjustments.

Optional intro: Long ago the gods swore a pact to remove themselves from direct interference in the world of Man.  Nowhere is it said the gods play fair, and where they cannot go, themselves, they send champions.

PC’s are “heroes”, immortals appointed/spawned by the gods to take care of problems in the world.  they can’t die from traditional wounds, but severe damage will pull them out of synch with the universe, and if not healed will result in either a very stupid death, a fate worse than death, or a very very thorough obliteration in some odd cross between final destination and the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.  If this happens a new hero will be innervated/appointed in their place.

There is a well, older than the bones of the land where starlight collects.  And within the pool of that starlight, any wise or foolish enough to gaze within can catch a glimpse of the future. The pool has gone dark.  And the gods do not know why.  

You are their emissaries, chosen to restore light to the future before the stars themselves go out.

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