The gods worshiped in Lumeria hew closely to the Norse pantheon.

Items of note:

Lockspitter: a shapeshifting trickster god, domains death and lightning fulfills a similar role to Loki. It is generally known he was not originally part of the current pantheon, but not much else is known about him.  Almost no one knows he was originally from the losing side in the Godswar.

Baldur: The god of peace and beauty sacrificed himself say the stories. Some say to end the godswar. Others say to halt a scourge pouring from the death of Elysium.  Very few know that the god purposfully let himself be devoured by mad, undying, cannibalistic, mutants to end their rampage. Today these creatures are known as elves, part fey, part god and one part something else.  The presence of a god’s blood within their veins calms their bestial natures, but elven blood magic or simply consuming the blood of other elves breaks the bonds on Baldur’s mindless ferocity and degenerates them into the aggressive, nigh unkillable creatures they  once were.

Needless to say this is very taboo among elves. Other races tend to lose entire communities when a slave owner decides to take advantage of their odd fears.

The Forgotten:

There was a losing side in the godswar. But the gods have erased even the names of their foes from most of history, let alone what they actually were.  Some scholars think they were demons, others gods or primordials. In any case, they collectively consist of The Forgotten, dead but not gone.

The pantheon’s paladins are extremely vigilant for cults of the forgotten and have been known to purge cities on a suspicion.

Hex: geometric, arcane
Rekijivc: lightning, stone, cloud
Oscuro: deep water, darkness, oblivion
Phlegmatic: petrification, slowness, poison, rock
Sanguine:  haste, fire, blood, elves

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