Alindas is a smaller town, and unlike most human cities, they don’t give two coppers about who you are or what you look like as long as your money is good. This is particularly handy for our heroes as they are the oddest crew outside a jongleur troupe (and maybe even within one) on the face of the land.

Alindas Market district Rooftop View

Alindas Market district Rooftop View

Alindas Ground Level Market Square

Alindas Ground Level Market Square

Items of Note


  • Tavern at top of map seized debtor cheesemaker’s wares as payment.  Now trying to sell it… not going well.


  • On wall of adventurer’s tavern.  Given to adventurers along with a round of alchohol if they bring back “Jeff”


  • In chests between green roofed inn and red roofed building: belongs to4  local ne’er do wells, who keep an eye on their wares.


  • In the inn at the top of the map a delicious soup is cooking.  When asked, the chef replies the ingredients are a secret.  For each hour the party stays in the inn there is a 50% chance they will hear a muffled thumping or whimpering from the basement.  If they manage to sneak into the basement they find a cage of goblins, the chef’s secret ingredient.  This is frowned upon, especially without disclosure, but not in any way illegal.


  • fruit seller in top-right stall replaced by shadow baker after clearing dungeon beneath town.


Initial Attack: The gathered party hears an explosion and prehistoric megafauna pour from the damaged building at the south end of the square. Citizens hide.  Enemies consist of a giant rat variant with 10 extra health and darker, longer coats and disadvantage on hearing checks (adjust to party size).  Dealing with the rats grants good will in town to the party.

Architectural investigation indicates the room was suddenly subject to a great deal of pressure, which exploded outward.  Detect magic reveals nothing.

Investigation in the town reveals things and people have been disappearing, or appearing where they do not belong lately, and something happened beneath the old mill that used to occupy the adventurer’s tavern.

Explore Alindas Underground:

The mill stopped spinning, and the underground river that powered it fell silent after an earthquake.

Quest Board

Investigate Missing Shepherds: 20150409_133230 Master Anthony from the shepherds guild to was sent to investigate the cause of recent disappearances.  He snubs the party and set off with a group of local toughs.  He does not report back. The barkeep asks you to look into this once you reach level 2, and provides warning if the party decides to pursue this earlier.

Sparkling Carl [keep him from coming back] The drawing is by quite an artist. You wonder if this were a vanity portrait before it became a wanted poster. It looks like it has been ripped down and trod upon before being placed back up. Repeatedly.

JEFF, Wanted Menace of the fields. Dislodge him and claim your reward. The paper is old and yellowing, tattered and full of holes from all the notices that have been posted on top of it at one time or another. It is missing a good chunk of one corner.  The bounty is suspiciously high with no declared reward giver.

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