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Forest Path

The Elvesgates / Wolfbiter’s Pasture This is an optional encounter while tracking the missing shepherd’s guild member and his guards.  The party may bypass it by going directly to the Wolfbiter’s Pasture where the skeletons they fought had been sent

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Open Hand Orphanage B1

Open Hand Orphanage / Open Hand Orphanage B2 The cult leader shadowstepped to floor B2 after being confronted on the ground floor.  Players have 15 rounds (not turns) to access the real world version of the altar room below before

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Open Hand Orphanage B2

Open Hand Orphanage / Open Hand Orphanage B1 Haunted Altar Room The haunted version of  this floor contains only child shades until the ceremony is performed at the altar on B1 or 15 rounds pass from entering the basement. At

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Wolfbiter’s Pasture

The Elvesgates or Forest Path /Alindas The pasture is occupied by a number of scattered bones sheep corpses and the remaining members of the flock. The party gets one round of investigation.  If they remember the necromancy of the wolfbiter

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Alindas North Field

Alindas / The Elvesgates This location can be encountered when leaving town by the north road to the elvish city of Aes through the feywild, when pursuing the bounty on JEFF or when tracking down the missing shepherds. When party

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Open Hand Orphanage

Open Hand Orphanage BI / Open Hand Orphanage B2 An azer who speaks dwarven in addition to it’s native tongue is attacking the stout wooden doors of this orphanage. 3-5 elves are holding it off. Both beseech the party for

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The Elvesgates

Alindas North Field / The Open Hand Orphanage or Forest Trail The Portal to the Feywild can be encountered by tracking the party investigating the missing shepherds or when heading to an elven city to find the secret of the

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