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The Wolfbiter

The wolfbiter is a abomination that preys exclusively on the flesh of creatures that prey on others including the rotting flesh of the undead. Some say it feeds on the hunger for flesh, but it leaves very real toothmarks on

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Forest Path

The Elvesgates / Wolfbiter’s Pasture This is an optional encounter while tracking the missing shepherd’s guild member and his guards.  The party may bypass it by going directly to the Wolfbiter’s Pasture where the skeletons they fought had been sent

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fancy ceremonial sacrificial +1d4 bleeding damage/round of contact with blade

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Contains hints giving advantage on vault cracking attempts and specifically describes it as the “Cursed Item Vault”. Require an Arcana check. On a 15 or higher a lv1 spell is found in the margins depending on the reader’s alignment. FALL

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Gold Skullcap

  pretty sure this goes directly on the skull… Gives holder mild urge to scalp the dead and place this skullcap. Will allow conversation with the dead, after you remove the flesh above the skull and seat it firmly.  Dark

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Art piece depicting unknown deity? SOMEWHAT UNSETTLING 38 gp This is linked to oscuro, not inheirantly cursed. His influence is not kind.

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Are these gold leafed lead shades? In a word, yes. Well made: 80 gp

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