Open Hand Orphanage B1


Orphanage of the Open Hand B1

Open Hand Orphanage / Open Hand Orphanage B2

The cult leader shadowstepped to floor B2 after being confronted on the ground floor.  Players have 15 rounds (not turns) to access the real world version of the altar room below before the cult leader anchors an appropriate level undead boss and has fled.

Discerning tangibility of floors requires a DC 12 perception check.  When searching for traps DC is 5.  Inanimate objects not connected to a living being will not pass through them.  Living beings will and the floor in that room immediately and permanently becomes solid. Being in a room when the floor changes is a DC 12 reflexes check. If you’re within 10 ft of a hallway, you make it to safety. Ropes may be used and offer advantage.

Failing drops living being to haunted altar variant where infinite mobs spawn. (Chain void attacks optional) After 15 turns an undead boss appears. Once defeated living PCs return to the real altar room.

Cat's got at the original planning document

Cats got at the original planning document

Every turn roll a d20. On 15 or higher, flip between A and B lighting conditions.

See that chart? Rooms with a check next to them have intangible floors in the corresponding illumination (light or dark).   Inanimate objects not connected to a living being will not pass through them.  Living beings will and the floor in that room immediately and permanently becomes solid. Being in a room when the floor changes is a DC 12 reflexes check  if you’re within 10 ft of a hallway, to make it to safety.

The level is inhabited by 4-7 shades of children.  They laugh playfully and throw rocks .  They enjoy luring people into the traps. If threatened their eyes glow and they start throwing blue glowing ghostfire until they no longer feel threatened

Movement 25 ft
13 AC
1 d4 hp
3-4 B1 infinite B2 till turned off

THROW ROCK (1d4 damage, +1 to hit)
FEAR ASPECT SPOOK child shade explodes into a hideous visage.  Target must roll a wisdom saving throw dc 12 or become afraid of the shade.  Save ends.
GHOSTFIRE (1d2 + 1 damage +3 to hit) 3 uses/day
You fire a 5 ft wide line of shadowy cold across a hallway or halfway across a room. The fire deals 1d6 points of cold damage to any creature in the affected square at the beginning of each of your turns. The shadow fire also deals 1 d6 damage to any creature that enters the affected square. Shadow fire coats the ground in a frosty fire, making it avoidable by jumping, flying, or levitating over the area.
DIVE ATTACK (1D4 damage, +4 to hit)
Ghost becomes intangible and rips through anyone and anything in a 15 foot line.  Players have disadvantage on attacks of opportunity.  This may be used in the middle of a move action.

Items of Note:

There are a number of rooms of note in the maze.  

Large left room– The” true” entrance to the boss room (which when activated pacifies the shades and lowers difficulty of fight).  A book on the altar explains the opening ritual.  Simply place the blood of one living creature in the bowl.  Any amount will do.  The creature takes 1 d6 irreducible damage. If they die they turn to dust. The secret passage on the right side has a DC 16 perception check and a DC 7 lockpicking check to find and open, shortcutting part of the labyrinth

Top row Third from left-a small personal room


Purple monolith door at enterance of room contains dangerous spirit.  7 passive Perception to notice obvious magic.  DC 14 Arcana check to open. If less than 18 is rolled, spirit attacks (child shade with surprise round and +1 to hit)

Top row, second from left-a vault with a large amount of treasure. It has a well made tumbler lock, no trap and requires a successful 18 lockpicking check. A stethescope or similar hearing amplification adds +2 to round. Conversely, it may be mined from west room (3 man-hours) if players can overcome the intangible floor. Part of the reason that room was a trap was to discourage this. If cultist escapes with reasonable amount of time he will grab all but the rock and carpet.


Top Left– Players who look in must pass a DC 15 wisdom check or make a full move action towards jumping in.  This room floor is never tangible.

Bottom, One from Right-There’s some gold and a child shade hiding in the wall in the dead end room on the bottom.  He’ll try to lure you into falling.

Party Log

So the party finds a passageway behind a fake wall in the right wing of the building.  They open it by throwing the dwarf through it.  It was the dwarf’s idea.  Beneath appears to be an unused storage room, but close inspection reveals a set of tracks going into a bookshelf and a crumbling wall behind a stack of crates.

However, a trail of dust led to a portal hidden behind a book case. Beyond stood an eldritch labyrinth.  It was rough and appeared to have been carved in secret. Traditional elfen stone working may use magic but it typically features much better interior design. It seemed unlikely this was part of the original plans.

Ignis, the Azer the party befriended, quit moving boxes when one of the party’s elves pulled the book case down on top of himself with his spindly little wizard arms.Pete D. attempted to negotiate with the specter, but unfortunately demanded it’s name, something the ghost did not know.  This made the ghost angry. Killing it made the other ghosts much more angry.  Stealing their gold and killing a second specter just put a bow on top of the nice ghost rage package. This was unfortunate for the party ranger who fell into literally every one of the flaming walls of ghost rage she encountered.

The #2 mage collapsed the bookshelf on himself, revealing a passageway. (there was a swarm of rats and an orc child’s skeleton in the cavern.  Behind the bookshelf, standing three rooms into the labyrinth was the ghostly specter of a child and the Azer the party befriended charged it in a rage, disappearing into the floor about 15 feet in front of the shade.   Even those with darkvision cannot see him [there is a pit trap] though a high perception check might indicate what happened.  The trap opens up into the boss chamber below, but the players don’t know this.

There are a series of rooms with flickering lights. Each room may have a trap that is only active when the lights are off and may have one that is only active when the lights are on. ( By standing in the hallway between rooms players may safely wait out their turns. These traps drop a player down into the boss room, where they fight infinitely spawning shades.  Each trap can only be activated once.

Mage #2 notices the floor in room VI is… not right.  Our ranger throws a bottle in to see if it’s safe.  It just sits there.  On a whim, bushmage throws in a frog.  It falls through and the floor feels a lot better to him, so he walks right in.

They see a child specter and bushmage attempts to diplomacy.  Diplomacy fails, as asking an abused nameless specter it’s name is not a great decision, even if you roll okay.  They murder it and hear angry wails through the walls of the space.

The party figures out the rooms = danger, hallways = safe pretty quick and go off in 2 teams, each roped together. Team bushmage/ranger explores the dead end.  Bushmage steals the ghost’s gold with magehand.  Ranger flees and falls in the ghostfire face first as she tries to leap it.  It burns through the rope.

Team mage2/fighter almost lose their mage, but a huge strength check on the part of the fighter whips him overhead and into a wall.  They get in a fight with two more ghosts.  They are not doing well.

The ranger lowers her frog through the intangible floor on a rope to see what happens.  The floor solidifies, spooking them, and they are forced to cut the rope even shorter.  Mage2 proves Bushmage’s assertion that he “is good at everything but magic” right as he finally hits a ghost, with 2 health, for 1 damage.

Team Bushmage/Ranger catches up so the ranger can fall in another patch of ghostfire.  They deal with one ghost and the fighter gets a successful opportunity attack on the last.  Team Bushmage/Ranger goes north towards the glowing purple door and away from another patch of ghostfire, because so far ranger is 2 for 2.

Team mage2Fighter finds the ritual chamber at the same time as the ranger finds and comes through the secret passage.  Bushmage has disguised his team, as orcs.  Which could have been hilarious if the DM actually caught on to what he was doing.  The party scouts out the room, two of them succeeding at the DC check on the room in the northwest corner.  Then, without any hesitation bushmage performs the ritual with his last frog.  It crumbles to dust, the boss staircase opens and all floors become tangible (except the northwest room?).  The team then stares longingly at the glowing purple door until the session ends.


  • 10 gp (Found by Pete D)
  • 2 bottles (found by thia)
  • 1 retconned frog (Pete D)


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