Contains hints giving advantage on vault cracking attempts and specifically describes it as the “Cursed Item Vault”.

Require an Arcana check. On a 15 or higher a lv1 spell is found in the margins depending on the reader’s alignment.

FALL REMNANT [EVIL] This LV 1 spell can be done as a ritual requiring 10 minutes, the blood of an orphan, a set of clothes and a bushel of leaves.  It creates a neutral evil construct that looks like the last person to wear the clothes. The construct lasts for a (day?) and does not listen well to instructions (but can be bargained with).  It has 8 hp and 12 strength.
FALL REMNANT [NEUTRAL/GOOD] LV 1 spell that can make a construct that follows orders. Can be done in 30 minutes, requiring fallen leaves as a component.  It has 4 hp and 8 strength and lasts for (8 hours?).  This construct has no will of it’s own and only can follow simple orders.

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