Sparkling Karl [keep him from coming back]

The barkeep at the adventurer’s tavern nods over in the direction of an immaculately coiffed elf entertaining three girls at a table in the bottom half of the bar.

Sparkling Karl is the half-elf son of a well respected adventuress, Fin Wendswept who saved the town.  Pretty much every local bar and shop sponsored her family for life.

Karl is a notable adventurer in his own right. And a couple years ago he got himself a “blessing” that boosted his native charisma to 21.  Problem is it went right to his head, and he’s currently using the town’s gratitude and his exceptional charm to take advantage of everyone around him especially the local shops.


The Barkeep offers 15 gold if the party can stop Karl from beggaring him and indicates others might be similarly inclined.

Merchants at the Chamber of Commerce offer 1 potion of healing for each party member if they can do this, but ask them to avoid skullduggery “the town owes his family so much”

An armorer at the in can be bartered into offering a TURTLE HIDE SHIELD, “don’t break the lad or anything though, y’hear me?”

Some rather shady sorts hanging out under the arch will laugh if asked.  With a DC 15 charisma or intimidation check they will reveal that half elf slaves fetch a nice price.  They will accept a trussed, unconscious Karl from you “down by the river” for 45 GP.  They will not help, but provide a drug that will keep Karl unconscious if the party can knock him out first.

Locals in town will tell the party that after spending most the night drinking Karl will climb through the window of the expensive boarding house on the left of the square and pass out in the bed.  Karl is a level 3 bard, armed with a rapier with a DC of 17. He keeps 65 silver on his person and his ornate rapier is worth 25 gold.  “His” room in the boarding house contains a set of clothes, one healing potion a shaving kit, a taxidermied dire wolf and his mother’s hunting horn.  The last two will be recognized around town.

Sparkling Karl Character Sheet


The party can choose to deal with Karl how they choose. Stealing from, killing, or enslaving  him result in reactions ranging from mild disapproval to, frank disdain to angry mobs.  If the party uses the knowledge of the thugs to help him appreciate the effects of his acts on others he gifts them his mother’s hunting horn thanks them, and improves their reputation in Alindas.  If the party knocks Karl out, they may drug him and he will remain senseless as he is delivered off-screen.

The party will have to deal with the results of their actions when claiming rewards. If the party enslaved or killed Karl townsfolk may not be willing to provide rewards. The party may, with successful bluff checks lie to townsfolk if they manage to dispatch Karl without being seen.

Award XP for resolution at the DM’s discretion.

If Karl is enslaved or survives an attempt on his life, he will make an excellent recurring antagonist. If you think it’s worthwhile, consider even resurrecting him. He was not unloved.

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