Shadow Baker

Coal skinned drow of few words, pops up selling baked goods in the oddest places.

[DM notes: he was exiled from his people for daring to pursue a very non traditional career against the will of his mother]

Inventory:  (max 6 items)

  •    Danishes (no max)
    • Cherry: gives resistance to fire for 10 minutes
    • Prune: gives advantage against poison for 10 minutes
    • Apple: heals 1d4+2 damage
  •     Muffins (no max)
    • Blueberry: heals 1d4+2 damage
    • Orange Poppyseed: gives darkvision 30ft for three hours
    • Hazelnut: 2 plus damage on attacks for 1 d6 turns
  • Scone (sold wrapped in paper – max 2) “Mind the scones.  They’re sharp this morning.”
    Thrown weapon. Deals 1d8+2 damage on impact or ingestion. Have players roll dex checks and on 1’s injure themselves until they realize scones are weapons, not food.

    • Scroffleberry:  Target must make dc 12 con check or take 1d6 poison damage on hit.
    • Cinnamon: Target must make dc 10 con check or take 1d6 fire damage on hit.
    • Vanilla: Deals only 1d4+2 damage

Potential Wares:

  • Berlinerkranser
  • The Dairymaid’s Wafers (Seterjentas rømmebrød)
  • Deer Antlers
  • Fattigmanns Bakkels
  • Goro
  • Fyrstekake (Prince Cake)
  • Mor Monsen
  • Ring-Cake
  • Rosettes
  • Sandkaker
  • Sirupsnipper
  • Vafler
  • Kardemommeboller
  • Kardemommeboller with Figs
  • Lefse
  • Lefsekling
  • Shrovetide Buns (Fastelavnsboller)
  • Bergen Rumballs
  • Bløtkake
  • Kransekake (Almond Wreath Cake)
  • Risekrem
  • Telemark Gomme (Telemarkgomme)
  • Troll Cream
  • Troika Cake


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