Mazel Tov Cocktail

Treat as improvised weapon (no attack bonus), 20 ft range.  Does 1d4 fire damage on impact to target in square.

Coats 1d5 (random adjacent) squares in fire, doing 1d4 at the start of each turn to burning targets in splash range and creatures on burning squares.

A DC 10 Dex action may be used to extinguish a burning square or character, but may cause 1d4 damage if actor is not already on fire.


Knowledge check dc 17 or knowledge check 15 indicates character can make these from extravagantly potent alchohol.  This can only be done once per character or library.

Crafting requires wick (fabric, rope etc), Container, and sufficiently high proof alchohol.

DC 10 dexterity if in combat.  If player has no wax/stopper/etc. it must be used immediately or it may leak.

Requires an action to light unless player has a source of fire.  Takes one action to throw.

May be lit after impact to set target on fire without initial explosion damage.

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