Explore Alindas Underground

Alindas Ground Level Market Square

Alindas Ground Level Market Square

Little old lady lost her pet down the gaping hole (old dry well, in the abandoned building one of two known entrances to the undercity. [DM notes: her pet is never found. when asked she states it was a giant centipede.]

Other entrance to undercity is in the chamber of commerce.

“Cousin Jones” a townie with adventurer ambitions went to investigate years ago with an heirloom PENDANT OF THE LIONHEART but went missing. His cousin in the chamber of commerce will reward you if you tell him what happened.

Several townies will warn you this is dangerous, and maybe party should take another quest or two first.

Alindas Sublevel 1

Alindas Sublevel 1


Chamber of Commerce Entrance: requires sneaking in or convincing chamber that breaking down their basement wall is worth it.  Charisma DC 20 check (they sealed that wall for a reason)

Chamber of Commerce Basement wall:
DC12 strength with hammer/pick
DC 25 Without
[Very Noisy]

Abandoned Building:

The abandoned building contains 5 bottles of goblin ale, which can be used to make Mazel Tov Cocktails (pun intended)

Wall is crumbling and easily removed.

Chamber with Skeleton:

Jones’ skeleton is found scattered in a small cavern with PENDANT OF THE LIONHEART

This chamber also contains one shrieker fungus. If activated it draws out giant centepedes to attack, up to 2 per character.

Mill/Adventurer tavern Basement:

4-6 giant centipedes emerge from walls. Bottom of old mill-wheel shaft seems to be encased in rock far below. Stairs to ground floor are destroyed and boarded up at the top.


Alindas Sublevel 2


Chamber contains piercers hidden on the ceiling and a gibbering mouther lurking in the watery crevice behind the altar. They can hear it babbling as they enter the room and it gets louder as they approach the altar.

An earth elemential sits disguised as a bolder on the left of the entrance.  It watches the treasure on the altar and will aid the party against foes if they can convince it to (at DM’s discretion). If not it leaves, its task accomplished.

Altar contains Lune and Scour Pendants.

The turn after the a party member takes the amulets, a Gibbering Mouther screams. It is 15 ft. away from the amulets and will take its first turn after said party member’s next.

While this noise lasts a wave of giant centipedes to boil out of the tavern basement hole. They may either attack the party, or dash about in a frenzy.

Make it clear the party should be escaping the mouther, and feel free to nerf its abilities to match your party.

The watery holes lead into darkness.  The only way out is hidden behind rocks at the top-right of the room and exits through the fruit seller stand in the top right corner of Alindas Town Square

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