Alindas North Field

Alindas / The Elvesgates

This location can be encountered when leaving town by the north road to the elvish city of Aes through the feywild, when pursuing the bounty on JEFF or when tracking down the missing shepherds.

When party asks barkeep for work or rumors:

Well, there is one thing.  Have you ever heard of JEFF?

He sets down his cleaning rag and leans against his arms on the bar.  He’s a bounty that’s never been taken. Points at bounty board.  
See all those other offers up there?  They come and go.  But not JEFF. He’s been up there since the board began.
The barkeep looks both ways. They say…
He motions the listener closer.  They say… on quiet nights.  Up in the hills…  You can hear JEFF blowin’ his nose. Barkeep breaks down in loud laughter.  Ach you really haen’t heard of Jeff had you?  Tis no droben on you lad, just a joke round these parts.

When asked locals spin tales of a nefarious robber baron with suspicious grins.  A high charisma character can tell that they’re having you on, but patrons are exceptionally reluctant to say what.

The image on the poster looks to be a man in a cloak, a large hat, pinioned with a bright bit of straw covers his face.  The cloak blows in the wind.  The price on the poster is 20,000 copper, or 200 gold.  You hope the pay isn’t in copper. If it’s really been up there that long, it would have been a decent bounty when it was posted.

It lists a location only half a day away from town as the last place jeff was sighted.  The wording is a bit odd.  JEFF, wanted. Menace of the fields.  Dislodge him and claim your reward.

If the player investigates: they really do find a bounty with the name of Jeff on it.  The paper is old and yellowing, tattered and full of holes from all the notices that have been posted on top of it at one time or another.  It is missing a good chunk of one corner. [roll perception check dc 12]

On success they notice the barkeep is eyeing them speculatively.

Abandoned Farm [Alindas North end]

Abandoned Farm [Alindas North end]Jeff is a scarecrow lurking under the tree, a hooded figure from afar.


2 Kobolds per player up to 8 (if attempted after level 2 add 2 winged kobolds)

Kobolds have taken up in the abandoned farmhouse and have laid 10ft deep pit traps in the long grass.

They also like to hide in the grass with half or full concealment depending whether they are running or crawling.

Traps can be found by nearby adventurers with a dc 14 perception check. Advantage is granted if specifically searching for traps.

Items of Note

A search inside the old farmhouse reveals a hole under the rug. Inside the hole is a froglike fellow, two hams and a bag of cheeses. If you save the fellow he will pull a slimy orb deep from within his mouth and give it to the party.

This is the TORPOR ORB, if held it will make one drowsy and eventually put them to sleep.


Jeff is a scarecrow.  Players will encounter him on an abandoned farm.

If they pull JEFF out they hear an odd metallic sound.  Buried beneath JEFF is a time capsule.    Inside are rotten kids stuffs, a potion and a lodestone (buried in the earth for years it’s picked up an interesting charge)

“Jeff” can be brought back to the barkeep for a laugh a free round and a small prize.

Barkeep: Ach, not the money.  No one’s been daft enough ta actually fetch the wretch before. But here, have a draft on me and a weapon off the wall.  Mah grandpa collected the lot of em, and I swear one day they’ll bash me head in.

Some items on the wall are standard adventuring gear.  Some are useless junk.  The BRASS FALCHION is somewhere in between.

When asked townsfolk admit JEFF is an old joke on starting adventurers, stating the posting has been up there longer than anyone can remember.

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