Two Pendants: One is deep black absorbing light. The other an iridescent pearl. At least the light one appears to have multiple magic functions. One of these functions is to provide a light that cannot be easily blocked.

Each has three functions on its own, one of which can be activated after a short rest. When they interact in the right way they act as a compass to an important location.

Lune (on left)

  • provide soft light up to 30 ft light for an hour (cannot be obscured, leaves no shadows)
  • fill a container with gently glowing water. When ingested it removes one level of exhaustion.
  • 2+ perception 1+ constitution checks for the duration of an hour (doubles with full moon)

Scour (on right)

  • plunges a space up to 45 ft by 45 ft into darkness
  • vacuum up fluids and small light objects in a 2 ft cube.
  • 2+ stealth 1+ damage for an hour (doubles on new moon)
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